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When registering, you're assured LTO commits to the strictest observance of clear and precise rules in terms of confidentiality and anonymity, through their registration contract. (see registration contract)

Our commitments

We ensure panelists on :
  • their personnal data confidentiality.
  • the absence of advertisement or promotional activity.
  • Their anonymity.
  • The reliability of the surveys carriedout.
  • The objective and neutral positionning of surveys.
  • The actual payment of donations to the selected organizations.
  • The ability to close their account on demand.

Your commitments

Panelists commit to :
  • Being independant in their answers to questionnaires.
  • Being honest and serious when taking part in a survey.
  • Being the sole and only respondents to the surveys they will be invited to .
  • Taking regularly part in surveys.
  • Updating their details when needed.